Our background: The Christian and Missionary Alliance was founded in North America in 1887. The work has since grown world-wide producing indigenous churches in 56 countries which, together, send out over 1300 missionaries. A.W.Tozer, known for his spiritually challenging books was a C&MA leader.
In Britain the work is led by British personnel and churches are being planted in the North-west, the North-east, the Midlands, and north London among both English and ethnic communities. Support for workers overseas is focussed in Europe whilst assistance in other mission ministries reaches Africa, Asia and Pacific Island nations.
A Christ-centred message: Historically the C&MA has exalted Christ as our Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King (the four elements of our logo). In practice we call for obedience to Christ’s Lordship and a lifestyle following His example of servanthood.


The C&MA Logo comprises 4 elements:
- the cross represents Christ as Saviour
- the goblet represents Christ as Sanctifier
- the jug of oil represent Christ as Healer
- the crown represents Christ as Coming King