Our Purpose
To establish a federation of mission minded churches, covenanting together to prepare and send out or support personnel to church plant in obedience to the Great Commission, working with both the evangelical community of Great Britain and the Alliance World Fellowship for a world vision in proclaiming Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.
Our Objectives
To plant indigenous and non-indigenous local churches in strategic locations.
To facilitate worldwide mission among the British evangelical community.
To develop a national structure and events that will work in partnership with the churches to provide personnel for church planting in the UK and for overseas missionary placement primarily in Alliance fields
Our Policies
1) To promote the message of the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
To promote membership by those accepting the Statement of Faith, the message of Lordship and the Purpose and Objectives of the C&MA (GB), with a commitment to participate in events, prayer and financial support.
To ensure the ownership of the federation rests in its members as exercised through Annual Business Meetings and elections for office.
4) To provide the following for British evangelical Christians or churches:
An umbrella or identity for both full and part-time workers church planting in the UK or overseas, enabling their work to have a strategic direction.
An annual credentialing process that provides on-the-job training with added theological study using existing British Colleges as appropriate for the ministry needs and a framework for discipline. This process to include preparation for missionary service.
A channel through which resources (finance, people and prayer) can be shared enabling individual projects to commence earlier than if attempted alone.
A specific missions service of models to develop church programmes, information, training and opportunities for short and long term service abroad.
To manage the financial affairs of the federation from the gifts of God’s people channelled either directly to the national office or via churches. In order to inspire this financial support the national office will provide the churches with visits from personnel sponsored by C&MA (GB) in church planting to enable them to have an annual missionary convention during which a Faith Promise Plan would be presented.