Our Vision
The Alliance aims to be a fellowship of Great Commission churches which are glorifying God by building Christ’s Church in Britain and throughout the world.
Our Mission
 Our mission is to know Jesus Christ as Lord, exalt Him as Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King; and be obedient to His Great Commission:
evangelising and discipling people of all cultures in the UK;
incorporating them into Christ-centred, community-focused congregations;
mobilising them for active involvement in a missionary effort designed to plant Great Commission churches among both unreached and responsive peoples worldwide;
primarily in partnership with the Alliance World Fellowship (AWF) churches.
Our Strategy
Our strategy to deliver our mission is to implement the Alliance message by mobilizing people to active service in following the Great Commission by:
Building the work in GB through existing church growth and eventual church plants from those churches.
Working in partnerships primarily through AWF connections to church-plant in urban areas where there are varied cultural groups. Some churches will start as homogenous groups and others will start with multi-cultural ministry teams but all will seek to demonstrate the diversity of a unified church.
Connecting with the EMERALD (Europe & Middle East) Region/AWF to enable Alliance mission projects and short-term mission teams to support the Alliance family with a longer-term view of mobilizing personnel to join Alliance overseas mission teams.
Demonstrating the unity of the Alliance in Great Britain by all cultures and works praying, fellowshipping and working together where appropriate. The C&MA(GB) will facilitate this through churches associating officially with C&MA(GB); by sharing news, gathering leaders to co-ordinate the work; and convening an annual missionary conference