The Alliance Manchester

The Alliance Manchester is close-knitted community of fervent worshippers. We pride ourselves in the diverse cultural background of our church body, with members coming from over 15 different countries. While we may speak different languages, we stand united as one when we gather together to worship the Lord.

Despite being an infant church, we strive to make a godly impact in the city of Manchester. We are a home to families, a resting place for students and a shelter for refugees. If you would like to step out of your comfort zone and meet people from different walks of life, come and join us today!

Church service is held every Sunday from 4-6pm at Central Buildings, Oldham Street, Collier Room (First floor), M1 1JQ. The service begins with worship, followed by a message delivered by one of our pastors or guest speaker. Being an international church, most of our services are usually translated into another language such as Farsi or Spanish. On special days, we may have a time of prayer after the end of the sermon. There will also be a time for fellowship at the end of the service, with refreshments provided. We look forward to seeing you here!